Your advantages as a registered user

  • You can write your own content: write reviews, articles and set videos and photos on the internet
  • You can write messages to other users.
  • You can build up contacts and friendships as well as take an overview about your relationship to other users: how close are we
  • You receive a user profile in which you can manage what friends and other users can see about you.
  • You can write a blog
  • You can grade players in this game
  • You can discuss in forums
  • You can join (closed) user groups or start them.
  • You can participate in prediction games and open new prediction rounds

Other planned points

  • You will be able to configure your own start page
  • You will be able to store internal and external links
  • You'll be able to configure and read external RSS feeds
  • You'll be able to rate posts

We try hard to quickly implement the planned points but can not promise anything.