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Left back\\wing back

Richo79 User: Richo79
date: 20/04/17 00:21
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Very good young talent who made his debut against Rochdale f.c started at Charlton athletic fc where he played in the 2nd team at 15 years old and played numerous times. Not a lot is known what happened to Craig but one thing for sure it wasn't because lack of talent. ...

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مواعيد مباريات الأهلى خلال شهر أبريل 2017 فى الدورى و دورى أبطال أفريقيا

مواعيد مباريات الأهلى خلال شهر أبريل 2017 فى الدورى ودورى أبطال أفريقيا يسعى النادى الأهلى خلال شهر أبريل إلى تقديم أفضل نتائج عندما يلعب 7 مباريات خلال شهر ابريل امام فرق الدورى الممتاز المصرى 2017 ، ويسعى النادى الأهلى خلال هذا الشر إلى حسم بطولة الدورى الممتاز و يقام خلال هذا الشهر مباريات كبيرة ...

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Harold MOUKOUDI wanted by both Manchester United and Bayern Munich

bayern76 User: bayern76
date: 17/03/17 15:47
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Harold MOUKOUDI has managed to earn a reputation as one of the most promising young defenders around in Europe after breaking into the Le Havre (French League 2) first team this season and Manchester United are said to be very keen on landing the services of the 19-year-old due to his immense po...

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Kolhoznik User: Kolhoznik
date: 24/12/16 20:06
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The main position of Martin Koscelnik is Right Midfielder:

He can also play as Left Midfielder and Right-Back


Xct1988 User: Xct1988
date: 29/11/16 20:25
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Calcio ItaLia


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