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Dover Athletic, the latest non league  

They may be outside the play off spots, but Dover Athletic are certainly a side to be fearful of. Having finished 9th in the 14-15 national league season, along with an fa cup 3rd round appearance in which the club played their first ever match against a side in the English top flight.Many thought t...

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Pybus Goals

Dickman takes heart from defeat Published: 19 February, 2016 by Sam Lightle Under 18s' coach takes positives from Middlesbrough defeat. Elliott Dickman has insisted there were many positives to take from Sunderland under-18sā€™ performance against Middlesbrough despite losing. The 3-2 defe...

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Penangkap Ikan NTT Enggan Ikut Asuransi Kesehatan

Ini adalah berita tentang penangkap ikan Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) masihlah membutuhkan aset buat meningkatkan bisnis perikanan mereka. Oleh sebab itu, Ketua Himpunan Penangkap Ikan Semua Indonesia (HNSI) Propinsi NTT, Jeri Manafe, mengusulkan supaya secepatnya perbankan dan perusahaan asuransi kese...

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Leicester City vs Southampton Live Stream


myman123 User: myman123
date: 12/04/15 16:17
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Mark Govender was recently added to the 2013 NPL Squad as he was missed in previous mentionings.


When your favorite team or player play like dimwits just send them an AssFace footballer so they know they MUST do better.


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