The first Indian footballer picked to play in the coveted Brazilian league has been released by his club after spending just 21 minutes on the field, his manager said Wednesday....
Former Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari stepped down Tuesday at Porto Alegre-based side Gremio following a weekend loss to Curitiba to end a third spell in charge of the southerners....
Although cricket retains its hallowed status as the country's number one sport India's footballing authorities Monday saluted the latest in a series of footballing breakthroughs after Romeo Fernandes made his debut in Brazil....
In a first for the Brazilian league, Indian player Romeo Fernandes enjoyed a successful debut in his club Atletico Paranaense's thrashing of Nacional....
Manchester United's forgotten man Anderson has left the club and signed for Internacional in his native Brazil on a free transfer, the Premier League giants announced on Tuesday....
4. Round
30/05/2015 22:30 Ponte Preta Ponte Preta - Chapecoense Chapecoense
30/05/2015 22:30 Coritiba FC Coritiba FC - Avaí FC Avaí FC
31/05/2015 01:00 Joinville EC Joinville EC - Atlético Paranaense Atlético Paranaense
31/05/2015 15:00 Santos FC Santos FC - Sport Club Recife Sport Club Recife
31/05/2015 20:00 Corinthians SP Corinthians SP - SE Palmeiras SE Palmeiras
31/05/2015 20:00 Internacional Internacional - São Paulo FC São Paulo FC
31/05/2015 20:00 Atlético Mineiro Atlético Mineiro - Vasco da Gama Vasco da Gama
31/05/2015 20:00 Goiás EC Goiás EC - Grêmio Porto Alegre Grêmio Porto Alegre
31/05/2015 22:30 Flamengo RJ Flamengo RJ - Fluminense RJ Fluminense RJ
31/05/2015 22:30 Figueirense Figueirense - Cruzeiro EC Cruzeiro EC
5. Round
03/06/2015 São Paulo FC São Paulo FC - Santos FC Santos FC -:-
03/06/2015 SE Palmeiras SE Palmeiras - Internacional Internacional -:-
03/06/2015 Fluminense RJ Fluminense RJ - Coritiba FC Coritiba FC -:-
03/06/2015 Vasco da Gama Vasco da Gama - Ponte Preta Ponte Preta -:-
03/06/2015 Grêmio Porto Alegre Grêmio Porto Alegre - Corinthians SP Corinthians SP -:-
03/06/2015 Cruzeiro EC Cruzeiro EC - Flamengo RJ Flamengo RJ -:-
03/06/2015 Avaí FC Avaí FC - Atlético Mineiro Atlético Mineiro -:-
03/06/2015 Atlético Paranaense Atlético Paranaense - Figueirense Figueirense -:-
03/06/2015 Sport Club Recife Sport Club Recife - Goiás EC Goiás EC -:-
03/06/2015 Chapecoense Chapecoense - Joinville EC Joinville EC -:-
6. Round
06/06/2015 São Paulo FC São Paulo FC - Grêmio Porto Alegre Grêmio Porto Alegre -:-
06/06/2015 Santos FC Santos FC - Ponte Preta Ponte Preta -:-
06/06/2015 Fluminense RJ Fluminense RJ - Sport Club Recife Sport Club Recife -:-
06/06/2015 Flamengo RJ Flamengo RJ - Chapecoense Chapecoense -:-
06/06/2015 Internacional Internacional - Coritiba FC Coritiba FC -:-
06/06/2015 Atlético Mineiro Atlético Mineiro - Cruzeiro EC Cruzeiro EC -:-
06/06/2015 Figueirense Figueirense - SE Palmeiras SE Palmeiras -:-
06/06/2015 Atlético Paranaense Atlético Paranaense - Vasco da Gama Vasco da Gama -:-
06/06/2015 Goiás EC Goiás EC - Avaí FC Avaí FC -:-
06/06/2015 Joinville EC Joinville EC - Corinthians SP Corinthians SP -:-
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