Indonesia on Saturday welcomed FIFA's decision to end the country's year-long ban from world football over government interference, saying it hoped for more transparency in the sport....
Indonesia will launch an interim football league at the end of this month, an official said Monday, as the game struggles to survive an ongoing crisis in the Southeast Asian nation....
The Indonesian government said Saturday it had suspended the country's football association and would set up a replacement, a dramatic escalation of a row that has seen the domestic league halted....
Indonesia has reportedly accused FIFA of violating the country's sovereignty after world football's governing body threatened sanctions against Jakarta over government interference in its domestic league....
FIFA has warned the Indonesian government not to interfere in the running of the country's domestic league, the sports ministry said Sunday as it rejected the accusation....
11. Round
12/06/2017 14:30 Madura United FC Madura United FC - Semen Padang Semen Padang
14/06/2017 14:30 Persela Lamongan Persela Lamongan - Persipura Jayapura Persipura Jayapura
15/06/2017 14:30 Mitra Kukar Mitra Kukar - Gresik United Gresik United
16/06/2017 14:30 Persija Jakarta Persija Jakarta - Sriwijaya FC Sriwijaya FC
17/06/2017 14:30 Arema Cronus FC Arema Cronus FC - Bali United Bali United
18/06/2017 14:30 Perseru Serui Perseru Serui - PS TNI PS TNI
18/06/2017 14:30 PS Barito Putera PS Barito Putera - Persib Bandung Persib Bandung
19/06/2017 13:30 Persiba Balikpapan Persiba Balikpapan - Bhayangkara FC Bhayangkara FC
19/06/2017 14:30 PSM Makassar PSM Makassar - Pusamania Borneo Pusamania Borneo
12. Round
30/06/2017 09:00 Pusamania Borneo Pusamania Borneo - Madura United FC Madura United FC -:-
30/06/2017 12:30 Semen Padang Semen Padang - Persela Lamongan Persela Lamongan -:-
01/07/2017 08:00 Sriwijaya FC Sriwijaya FC - Perseru Serui Perseru Serui -:-
01/07/2017 09:00 Persipura Jayapura Persipura Jayapura - Mitra Kukar Mitra Kukar -:-
01/07/2017 12:30 Gresik United Gresik United - Persija Jakarta Persija Jakarta -:-
02/07/2017 09:00 PS TNI PS TNI - Arema Cronus FC Arema Cronus FC -:-
02/07/2017 12:30 Bhayangkara FC Bhayangkara FC - PS Barito Putera PS Barito Putera -:-
02/07/2017 12:30 Persib Bandung Persib Bandung - PSM Makassar PSM Makassar -:-
03/07/2017 12:30 Bali United Bali United - Persiba Balikpapan Persiba Balikpapan -:-