Leicester City have completed a double swoop for French midfielder N'Golo Kante and Atalanta defender Yohan Benalouane, the Premier League club announced on Monday....
Tunisia and Belgian coach George Leekens have parted ways, the national football federation (FTF) confirmed Sunday....
Jose Anigo ended a 26-year association with Marseille on Sunday by agreeing to become the new coach of Esperance, the Tunisians' club official Zied Tlemcani told AFP....
French Ligue 1 side Metz announced the signing of Tunisia international Ferjani Sassi from CS Sfaxien on Tuesday, a day after purchasing Fakhreddine Ben Youssef from the same club....
Frenchman Philippe Troussier has quit Tunisians CS Sfaxien and Dutchman Ruud Krol has taken over Libyans Al-Ahly Tripoli in high-profile African club coaching moves....
16. Round
14/02/2016 CA Bizertin CA Bizertin - AS Kasserine AS Kasserine -:-
14/02/2016 Espérance Tunis Espérance Tunis - AS Marsa AS Marsa -:-
14/02/2016 ES Sahel ES Sahel - ES Métlaoui ES Métlaoui -:-
14/02/2016 JS Kairouan JS Kairouan - US Ben Guerdane US Ben Guerdane -:-
14/02/2016 EO Sidi Bouzid EO Sidi Bouzid - CS Hammam-Lif CS Hammam-Lif -:-
14/02/2016 Stade Gabésien Stade Gabésien - Club Sportif Sfaxien Club Sportif Sfaxien -:-
14/02/2016 Stade Tunisien Stade Tunisien - Club Africain Club Africain -:-
14/02/2016 Espérance Zarzis Espérance Zarzis - EGS Gafsa EGS Gafsa -:-
17. Round
21/02/2016 AS Marsa AS Marsa - Espérance Zarzis Espérance Zarzis -:-
21/02/2016 US Ben Guerdane US Ben Guerdane - ES Sahel ES Sahel -:-
21/02/2016 Club Africain Club Africain - EO Sidi Bouzid EO Sidi Bouzid -:-
21/02/2016 EGS Gafsa EGS Gafsa - Stade Gabésien Stade Gabésien -:-
21/02/2016 CS Hammam-Lif CS Hammam-Lif - JS Kairouan JS Kairouan -:-
21/02/2016 AS Kasserine AS Kasserine - Stade Tunisien Stade Tunisien -:-
21/02/2016 ES Métlaoui ES Métlaoui - Espérance Tunis Espérance Tunis -:-
21/02/2016 Club Sportif Sfaxien Club Sportif Sfaxien - CA Bizertin CA Bizertin -:-