US coach Jurgen Klinsmann stressed the importance of his team defending the Gold Cup title on home soil Thursday as the groupings and draw for next July's football tournament were revealed....
Holders the United States, Costa Rica and Mexico were installed Tuesday as the top seeded teams for the three first-round groups of the 2015 Gold Cup....
Group A
08/07/2015 00:00 Panama Panama - Haiti Haiti
08/07/2015 02:30 USA USA - Honduras Honduras
10/07/2015 23:00 Honduras Honduras - Panama Panama
11/07/2015 01:30 USA USA - Haiti Haiti
Group B
09/07/2015 01:00 Costa Rica Costa Rica - Jamaica Jamaica
09/07/2015 03:30 El Salvador El Salvador - Canada Canada
11/07/2015 23:30 Jamaica Jamaica - Canada Canada
12/07/2015 02:00 Costa Rica Costa Rica - El Salvador El Salvador