The tiny French village football team of Luzenac, denied permission to play in the second division, have disbanded their first team with the second team set to continue in the amateur seventh division, according to player Nicolas Dieuze....
Eighty-seven professional footballers have broken rules banning them from betting on top French football leagues, with 23 under particular scrutiny from the Professional Football League (LFP) for having placed online bets against their own teams....
The number of fixed football matches in Europe rose sharply last year and sporting authorities must take action urgently, a top organisation of betting firms said Tuesday....
Former Chelsea and Real Madrid star Claude Makelele on Tuesday signed a two-year deal to coach French Ligue 1 outfit Bastia, his first managerial position....
Paris Saint-Germain assistant boss Claude Makelele has finalised a two-year deal to manage Bastia, the Ligue 1 side confirmed on Friday....
7. Round
19/09/2014 19:00 AJ Auxerre AJ Auxerre - AC Ajaccio AC Ajaccio
19/09/2014 19:00 Stade Brest Stade Brest - AC Arles-Avignon AC Arles-Avignon
19/09/2014 19:00 US Créteil-Lusitanos US Créteil-Lusitanos - Clermont Foot Clermont Foot
19/09/2014 19:00 GFC Ajaccio GFC Ajaccio - Dijon FCO Dijon FCO
19/09/2014 19:00 Stade Laval Stade Laval - Angers SCO Angers SCO
19/09/2014 19:00 LB Châteauroux LB Châteauroux - AS Nancy AS Nancy
19/09/2014 19:00 Chamois Niortais Chamois Niortais - Valenciennes FC Valenciennes FC
19/09/2014 19:00 FC Sochaux FC Sochaux - Nîmes Olympique Nîmes Olympique
19/09/2014 19:00 Tours FC Tours FC - US Orléans US Orléans
20/09/2014 13:00 Le Havre AC Le Havre AC - ESTAC Troyes ESTAC Troyes
8. Round
23/09/2014 AC Ajaccio AC Ajaccio - Le Havre AC Le Havre AC -:-
23/09/2014 Angers SCO Angers SCO - AJ Auxerre AJ Auxerre -:-
23/09/2014 AC Arles-Avignon AC Arles-Avignon - Stade Laval Stade Laval -:-
23/09/2014 Dijon FCO Dijon FCO - US Créteil-Lusitanos US Créteil-Lusitanos -:-
23/09/2014 AS Nancy AS Nancy - Tours FC Tours FC -:-
23/09/2014 Nîmes Olympique Nîmes Olympique - LB Châteauroux LB Châteauroux -:-
23/09/2014 US Orléans US Orléans - GFC Ajaccio GFC Ajaccio -:-
23/09/2014 FC Sochaux FC Sochaux - Stade Brest Stade Brest -:-
23/09/2014 ESTAC Troyes ESTAC Troyes - Chamois Niortais Chamois Niortais -:-
23/09/2014 Valenciennes FC Valenciennes FC - Clermont Foot Clermont Foot -:-
9. Round
26/09/2014 AJ Auxerre AJ Auxerre - AC Arles-Avignon AC Arles-Avignon -:-
26/09/2014 Clermont Foot Clermont Foot - ESTAC Troyes ESTAC Troyes -:-
26/09/2014 Valenciennes FC Valenciennes FC - US Orléans US Orléans -:-
26/09/2014 US Créteil-Lusitanos US Créteil-Lusitanos - AC Ajaccio AC Ajaccio -:-
26/09/2014 GFC Ajaccio GFC Ajaccio - Nîmes Olympique Nîmes Olympique -:-
26/09/2014 Stade Laval Stade Laval - AS Nancy AS Nancy -:-
26/09/2014 Le Havre AC Le Havre AC - Dijon FCO Dijon FCO -:-
26/09/2014 LB Châteauroux LB Châteauroux - Stade Brest Stade Brest -:-
26/09/2014 Chamois Niortais Chamois Niortais - Angers SCO Angers SCO -:-
26/09/2014 Tours FC Tours FC - FC Sochaux FC Sochaux -:-