Former Nigeria football coach Stephen Keshi died Wednesday aged 54 of a suspected heart attack, his family said in a statement....
The leader of a German anti-immigrant party has hit out at football star Mesut Ozil for not singing the national anthem and accused him of peddling a political Islamic agenda....
Fresh strikes and violent protests hit France Thursday, but fears of transport chaos during the Euro 2016 football tournament eased as airport staff cancelled a walkout and a Paris subway strike had little impact....
France coach Didier Deschamps has played down speculation about Franck Ribery coming out of international retirement to represent his country at Euro 2016....
France's Sports Minister Patrick Kanner said Monday he doesn't believe yet "the conditions have been met" for Karim Benzema to return to the French national team....
11. Round
28/10/2016 19:00 US Avranches US Avranches - Les Herbiers VF Les Herbiers VF -:-
28/10/2016 19:00 CS Sedan CS Sedan - AS Lyon-Duchère AS Lyon-Duchère -:-
28/10/2016 19:00 US Créteil-Lusitanos US Créteil-Lusitanos - US Quevilly US Quevilly -:-
28/10/2016 19:00 CA Bastia CA Bastia - US Boulogne US Boulogne -:-
28/10/2016 19:00 Marseille Consolat Marseille Consolat - SAS Épinal SAS Épinal -:-
28/10/2016 19:00 ASM Belfort ASM Belfort - US Concarneau US Concarneau -:-
29/10/2016 14:00 USL Dunkerque USL Dunkerque - FC Chambly FC Chambly -:-
29/10/2016 19:00 Paris FC Paris FC - FC Pau FC Pau -:-
29/10/2016 19:00 AS Béziers AS Béziers - LB Châteauroux LB Châteauroux -:-
12. Round
04/11/2016 US Quevilly US Quevilly - US Avranches US Avranches -:-
04/11/2016 Les Herbiers VF Les Herbiers VF - CS Sedan CS Sedan -:-
04/11/2016 US Boulogne US Boulogne - US Créteil-Lusitanos US Créteil-Lusitanos -:-
04/11/2016 AS Lyon-Duchère AS Lyon-Duchère - Paris FC Paris FC -:-
04/11/2016 ASM Belfort ASM Belfort - CA Bastia CA Bastia -:-
04/11/2016 FC Pau FC Pau - Marseille Consolat Marseille Consolat -:-
04/11/2016 SAS Épinal SAS Épinal - AS Béziers AS Béziers -:-
04/11/2016 LB Châteauroux LB Châteauroux - USL Dunkerque USL Dunkerque -:-
04/11/2016 US Concarneau US Concarneau - FC Chambly FC Chambly -:-
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