Former Senegal captain Aliou Cisse has replaced Frenchman Alain Giresse, as coach of the Lions of Terranga, after their poor showing at the Africa Cup of Nations, the national Federation (FSF) announced on Thursday....
From Paris to Perth, Melbourne to Montpellier, sports stars, coaches and fans united in their tributes to the victims of this week's bloodshed in the French capital....
India's new football league kicked off Sunday with a spirited clash and a glitzy pyrotechnic opening ceremony that organisers hope will ignite the country's passion for the "beautiful game"....
UEFA announced on Thursday that it had opened probes against Monaco, Roma, Besiktas, Inter Milan, Liverpool and Russian club Krasnodar for suspected breaches of financial fair play rules....
Spain's dethroned world champions will give their all for coach Vicente del Bosque despite the fiasco of their title defence at the World Cup said veteran defender Sergio Ramos on Wednesday....
30. Round
24/04/2015 19:00 US Avranches US Avranches - USL Dunkerque USL Dunkerque 1:1
24/04/2015 19:00 Marseille Consolat Marseille Consolat - US Colomiers US Colomiers 2:3
24/04/2015 19:00 SR Colmar SR Colmar - SAS Épinal SAS Épinal 2:1
24/04/2015 19:00 FC Bourg-Péronnas FC Bourg-Péronnas - Vendée Luçon Vendée Luçon 0:1
24/04/2015 19:00 US Boulogne US Boulogne - Paris FC Paris FC 0:0
24/04/2015 19:00 CA Bastia CA Bastia - Amiens SC Amiens SC 0:0
24/04/2015 19:00 RC Strasbourg RC Strasbourg - FC Istres FC Istres 4:1
24/04/2015 19:00 Le Poiré-sur-Vie Le Poiré-sur-Vie - Fréjus-St. Raphaël FC Fréjus-St. Raphaël FC 2:2
25/04/2015 15:00 Red Star FC Red Star FC - FC Chambly FC Chambly 8:0
31. Round
01/05/2015 19:00 USL Dunkerque USL Dunkerque - Red Star FC Red Star FC -:-
01/05/2015 19:00 Vendée Luçon Vendée Luçon - CA Bastia CA Bastia -:-
01/05/2015 19:00 SAS Épinal SAS Épinal - Marseille Consolat Marseille Consolat -:-
01/05/2015 19:00 FC Chambly FC Chambly - US Boulogne US Boulogne -:-
01/05/2015 19:00 US Colomiers US Colomiers - FC Bourg-Péronnas FC Bourg-Péronnas -:-
01/05/2015 19:00 Fréjus-St. Raphaël FC Fréjus-St. Raphaël FC - RC Strasbourg RC Strasbourg -:-
01/05/2015 19:00 Paris FC Paris FC - SR Colmar SR Colmar -:-
01/05/2015 19:00 FC Istres FC Istres - US Avranches US Avranches -:-
01/05/2015 19:00 Amiens SC Amiens SC - Le Poiré-sur-Vie Le Poiré-sur-Vie -:-