Turkey's football authorities on Thursday adopted an action plan on fan behaviour to prevent a repeat of the whistling and shouting during a minute of silence for the Paris attacks victims that shocked observers....
Three suicide bombers who blew themselves up outside France's national stadium where Germany was playing France in a football friendly had wanted to enter the venue, French Sports Minister Thierry Braillard said Sunday....
German Football Association (DFB) boss Wolfgang Niersbach faces tough questioning at a crisis meeting on Monday over claims that bribes were paid in order to host the 2006 World Cup....
France's Ministry of Sports has ordered that football matches should no longer be played on May 5, the date of the 1992 Furiani stadium disaster....
Former Senegal captain Aliou Cisse has replaced Frenchman Alain Giresse, as coach of the Lions of Terranga, after their poor showing at the Africa Cup of Nations, the national Federation (FSF) announced on Thursday....
13. Round
20/11/2015 SR Colmar SR Colmar - Les Herbiers VF Les Herbiers VF resch.
20/11/2015 US Boulogne US Boulogne - US Orléans US Orléans resch.
20/11/2015 LB Châteauroux LB Châteauroux - USL Dunkerque USL Dunkerque resch.
20/11/2015 Vendée Luçon Vendée Luçon - RC Strasbourg RC Strasbourg resch.
20/11/2015 US Avranches US Avranches - CA Bastia CA Bastia resch.
20/11/2015 19:00 FC Chambly FC Chambly - AS Béziers AS Béziers 2:0
20/11/2015 19:00 SAS Épinal SAS Épinal - CS Sedan CS Sedan 0:2
20/11/2015 19:00 Fréjus-St. Raphaël FC Fréjus-St. Raphaël FC - Amiens SC Amiens SC 0:1
20/11/2015 19:00 Marseille Consolat Marseille Consolat - ASM Belfort ASM Belfort 3:0
14. Round
27/11/2015 CS Sedan CS Sedan - SR Colmar SR Colmar -:-
27/11/2015 Les Herbiers VF Les Herbiers VF - FC Chambly FC Chambly -:-
27/11/2015 Fréjus-St. Raphaël FC Fréjus-St. Raphaël FC - SAS Épinal SAS Épinal -:-
27/11/2015 AS Béziers AS Béziers - US Boulogne US Boulogne -:-
27/11/2015 US Orléans US Orléans - LB Châteauroux LB Châteauroux -:-
27/11/2015 USL Dunkerque USL Dunkerque - Marseille Consolat Marseille Consolat -:-
27/11/2015 ASM Belfort ASM Belfort - Vendée Luçon Vendée Luçon -:-
27/11/2015 RC Strasbourg RC Strasbourg - US Avranches US Avranches -:-
27/11/2015 Amiens SC Amiens SC - CA Bastia CA Bastia -:-