Retired Scottish referee Hugh Dallas has received death threats since being appointed president of the Greek football federation's Central Committee of Referees this year, it was revealed on Friday....
There will be no professional team sports in Greece this weekend announced the Greek General Secretariat of Sports on Monday following the death of a fan from injuries sustained in an attack a fortnight ago....
Shamed by race scandals in sports and local politics, Spain is starting to crack down on racism which campaigners say it has ignored for too long....
1. Round
22/10/2016 14:00 Apollon Smyrnis Apollon Smyrnis - Kallithea GS Kallithea GS -:-
22/10/2016 14:00 Sparta FC - Panthrakikos Panthrakikos -:-
22/10/2016 14:00 Anagennisi Karditsa Anagennisi Karditsa - Aris Saloniki Aris Saloniki -:-
22/10/2016 14:00 Agrotikos Asteras Agrotikos Asteras - AO Trikala AO Trikala -:-
22/10/2016 14:00 Aiginiakos FC Aiginiakos FC - Lamia Lamia -:-
22/10/2016 14:00 Kissamikos Kissamikos - OFI Heraklion OFI Heraklion -:-
22/10/2016 14:00 Acharnaikos FC Acharnaikos FC - AEL Kalloni AEL Kalloni -:-
23/10/2016 Panserraikos Panserraikos - Panelefsiniakos Elefsinas Panelefsiniakos Elefsinas resch.
23/10/2016 14:00 Panegialios FC Panegialios FC - Chania FC Chania FC -:-
2. Round
02/10/2016 Sparta FC - Apollon Smyrnis Apollon Smyrnis resch.
02/10/2016 Kallithea GS Kallithea GS - Panegialios FC Panegialios FC resch.
02/10/2016 Panthrakikos Panthrakikos - Anagennisi Karditsa Anagennisi Karditsa resch.
02/10/2016 Chania FC Chania FC - Agrotikos Asteras Agrotikos Asteras resch.
02/10/2016 Aris Saloniki Aris Saloniki - Aiginiakos FC Aiginiakos FC resch.
02/10/2016 AO Trikala AO Trikala - Panserraikos Panserraikos resch.
02/10/2016 Lamia Lamia - Kissamikos Kissamikos resch.
02/10/2016 Panelefsiniakos Elefsinas Panelefsiniakos Elefsinas - Acharnaikos FC Acharnaikos FC resch.
02/10/2016 OFI Heraklion OFI Heraklion - AEL Kalloni AEL Kalloni resch.
5. Round
23/10/2016 Apollon Smyrnis Apollon Smyrnis - Agrotikos Asteras Agrotikos Asteras resch.
23/10/2016 Aiginiakos FC Aiginiakos FC - Anagennisi Karditsa Anagennisi Karditsa resch.
23/10/2016 Panserraikos Panserraikos - Panegialios FC Panegialios FC resch.
23/10/2016 Kissamikos Kissamikos - Sparta FC resch.
23/10/2016 Acharnaikos FC Acharnaikos FC - Kallithea GS Kallithea GS resch.
23/10/2016 AEL Kalloni AEL Kalloni - Panthrakikos Panthrakikos resch.
23/10/2016 OFI Heraklion OFI Heraklion - Chania FC Chania FC resch.
23/10/2016 Panelefsiniakos Elefsinas Panelefsiniakos Elefsinas - Aris Saloniki Aris Saloniki resch.
23/10/2016 Lamia Lamia - AO Trikala AO Trikala resch.
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