Turkey's decision to call a halt to its football season due to the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday means the sport has now been suspended in all of Europe, and practically the entire world, with Australia the exception....
Nigeria's football federation on Tuesday announced the indefinite suspension of the country's premier league to ensure proper medical support is put in place following the death of player during a match at the weekend....
The head of a Nigerian presidential anti-corruption body has said charges will be brought against football officials for allegedly misappropriating public funds....
Nigeria's government on Monday ordered the country's football association to comply with a court ruling about its leadership, a move that may open up a new confrontation with FIFA....
There is not one black coach in the top leagues of Europe's five major championships and footballers are just as bitter as black actors in Hollywood....
25. Round
18/03/2020 14:30 Adamawa United FC - Enyimba Aba Enyimba Aba 0:2
18/03/2020 15:00 Plateau United Plateau United - Kwara United Kwara United 2:1
18/03/2020 15:00 Wikki Tourists Wikki Tourists - Kano Pillars Kano Pillars 1:0
18/03/2020 15:00 Jigawa Golden Stars - Heartland FC Heartland FC 2:1
18/03/2020 15:00 Lobi Stars Lobi Stars - Ifeanyi Uba Ifeanyi Uba 1:0
18/03/2020 15:00 Dakkada FC - Enugu Rangers Enugu Rangers 2:3
18/03/2020 15:00 Rivers United FC Rivers United FC - Warri Wolves Warri Wolves 3:0
18/03/2020 15:00 MFM FC MFM FC - Abia Warriors FC Abia Warriors FC 2:1
18/03/2020 15:00 Sunshine Stars Sunshine Stars - Katsina United Katsina United 1:2
18/03/2020 15:00 Nasarawa United FC Nasarawa United FC - Akwa United Akwa United 0:0
26. Round
22/03/2020 Kano Pillars Kano Pillars - Plateau United Plateau United resch.
22/03/2020 Heartland FC Heartland FC - Wikki Tourists Wikki Tourists resch.
22/03/2020 Ifeanyi Uba Ifeanyi Uba - Jigawa Golden Stars resch.
22/03/2020 Enugu Rangers Enugu Rangers - Lobi Stars Lobi Stars resch.
22/03/2020 Warri Wolves Warri Wolves - Dakkada FC resch.
22/03/2020 Abia Warriors FC Abia Warriors FC - Rivers United FC Rivers United FC resch.
22/03/2020 Enyimba Aba Enyimba Aba - MFM FC MFM FC resch.
22/03/2020 Katsina United Katsina United - Adamawa United FC resch.
22/03/2020 Akwa United Akwa United - Sunshine Stars Sunshine Stars resch.
22/03/2020 Kwara United Kwara United - Nasarawa United FC Nasarawa United FC resch.
29. Round
05/04/2020 Kano Pillars Kano Pillars - Heartland FC Heartland FC resch.
05/04/2020 Kwara United Kwara United - Ifeanyi Uba Ifeanyi Uba resch.
05/04/2020 Plateau United Plateau United - Enugu Rangers Enugu Rangers resch.
05/04/2020 Wikki Tourists Wikki Tourists - Warri Wolves Warri Wolves resch.
05/04/2020 Jigawa Golden Stars - Abia Warriors FC Abia Warriors FC resch.
05/04/2020 Lobi Stars Lobi Stars - Enyimba Aba Enyimba Aba resch.
05/04/2020 Dakkada FC - Katsina United Katsina United resch.
05/04/2020 Rivers United FC Rivers United FC - Akwa United Akwa United resch.
05/04/2020 MFM FC MFM FC - Sunshine Stars Sunshine Stars resch.
05/04/2020 Nasarawa United FC Nasarawa United FC - Adamawa United FC resch.