Albania's parliament on Thursday passed a law banning a large sports betting industry and restricting casinos in a bid to clamp down on organised crime....
Two months ago Albania's top football club, Skenderbeu, was raising a trophy to the sky as confetti rained down on the team, gleeful after clinching their seventh national title in eight seasons....
19. Round
26/01/2019 FK Kukësi FK Kukësi - KF Laçi KF Laçi -:-
26/01/2019 KF Tiranë KF Tiranë - KS Kamza KS Kamza -:-
26/01/2019 Luftëtari Gjirokastër Luftëtari Gjirokastër - KS Kastrioti KS Kastrioti -:-
26/01/2019 KF Skënderbeu KF Skënderbeu - FK Partizani FK Partizani -:-
26/01/2019 KF Teuta Durrës KF Teuta Durrës - KS Flamurtari Vlorë KS Flamurtari Vlorë -:-
20. Round
02/02/2019 KS Flamurtari Vlorë KS Flamurtari Vlorë - FK Kukësi FK Kukësi -:-
02/02/2019 KS Kamza KS Kamza - FK Partizani FK Partizani -:-
02/02/2019 KS Kastrioti KS Kastrioti - KF Skënderbeu KF Skënderbeu -:-
02/02/2019 KF Laçi KF Laçi - Luftëtari Gjirokastër Luftëtari Gjirokastër -:-
02/02/2019 KF Tiranë KF Tiranë - KF Teuta Durrës KF Teuta Durrës -:-