Southampton on Thursday became the first Premier League club to defer players' wages as a senior official for their union insisted they were doing their bit for the nation during the coronavirus pandemic....
Premier League players announced on Wednesday they had launched an initiative to generate funds for Britain's National Health Service (NHS) to help against the coronavirus pandemic....
Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho has accepted he was in the wrong for holding a one-on-one training session with midfielder Tanguy Ndombele in a public park in London....
Sadio Mane says he would understand if Liverpool were denied the Premier League title even though they were on the brink of glory when coronavirus forced a shutdown....
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is looking at transfer targets during the lockdown and believes Manchester United are well-placed to exploit any knock-on effects of the coronavirus suspension....
30. Round
14/03/2020 AFC Bournemouth AFC Bournemouth - Crystal Palace Crystal Palace
14/03/2020 Aston Villa Aston Villa - Chelsea FC Chelsea FC
14/03/2020 Brighton & Hove Albion Brighton & Hove Albion - Arsenal FC Arsenal FC
14/03/2020 Manchester City Manchester City - Burnley FC Burnley FC
14/03/2020 Newcastle United Newcastle United - Sheffield United Sheffield United
14/03/2020 Norwich City Norwich City - Southampton FC Southampton FC
14/03/2020 Watford FC Watford FC - Leicester City Leicester City
15/03/2020 Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur - Manchester United Manchester United
15/03/2020 West Ham United West Ham United - Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolverhampton Wanderers
16/03/2020 Everton FC Everton FC - Liverpool FC Liverpool FC
31. Round
20/03/2020 Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur - West Ham United West Ham United
21/03/2020 Burnley FC Burnley FC - Watford FC Watford FC
21/03/2020 Chelsea FC Chelsea FC - Manchester City Manchester City
21/03/2020 Liverpool FC Liverpool FC - Crystal Palace Crystal Palace
21/03/2020 Newcastle United Newcastle United - Aston Villa Aston Villa
21/03/2020 Norwich City Norwich City - Everton FC Everton FC
22/03/2020 Leicester City Leicester City - Brighton & Hove Albion Brighton & Hove Albion
22/03/2020 Manchester United Manchester United - Sheffield United Sheffield United
22/03/2020 Southampton FC Southampton FC - Arsenal FC Arsenal FC
22/03/2020 Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolverhampton Wanderers - AFC Bournemouth AFC Bournemouth
33. Round
10/04/2020 Newcastle United Newcastle United - West Ham United West Ham United
11/04/2020 Burnley FC Burnley FC - Sheffield United Sheffield United
11/04/2020 Leicester City Leicester City - Crystal Palace Crystal Palace
11/04/2020 Manchester United Manchester United - AFC Bournemouth AFC Bournemouth
11/04/2020 Norwich City Norwich City - Brighton & Hove Albion Brighton & Hove Albion
11/04/2020 Southampton FC Southampton FC - Manchester City Manchester City
11/04/2020 Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur - Everton FC Everton FC
12/04/2020 Chelsea FC Chelsea FC - Watford FC Watford FC
12/04/2020 Liverpool FC Liverpool FC - Aston Villa Aston Villa
13/04/2020 Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolverhampton Wanderers - Arsenal FC Arsenal FC
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