Former Manchester United and Atletico Madrid striker Diego Forlan was sacked as coach of Uruguayan giants Penarol on Monday....
The Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) announced that almost all of its staff, including coach Oscar Tabarez, have been laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic that has frozen sport worldwide....
Former Manchester United and Atletico Madrid striker Diego Forlan was named coach of Uruguayan giants Penarol on Friday....
Football's world governing body FIFA has taken control of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) after the organisation was plunged into chaos following the sudden resignation of president Wilmar Valdez last month....
Uruguayan striker Leandro Rodriguez has joined Everton from River Plate Montevideo for an undisclosed fee, the English Premier League club said Friday....
8. Round
16/09/2020 19:15 Rentistas Rentistas - River Plate River Plate
13. Round
19/09/2020 19:00 Plaza Colonia Plaza Colonia - Peñarol Peñarol
19/09/2020 21:30 Cerro Largo Cerro Largo - Fénix Fénix
19/09/2020 23:45 Defensor Sporting Defensor Sporting - Deportivo Maldonado Deportivo Maldonado
20/09/2020 17:00 Danubio Danubio - Boston River Boston River
20/09/2020 19:15 Progreso Progreso - Montevideo Wanderers Montevideo Wanderers
20/09/2020 21:30 Cerro Cerro - Rentistas Rentistas
20/09/2020 23:45 Torque Torque - River Plate River Plate
26/09/2020 19:00 Liverpool Liverpool - Nacional Nacional
14. Round
03/10/2020 Torque Torque - Liverpool Liverpool -:-
03/10/2020 River Plate River Plate - Plaza Colonia Plaza Colonia -:-
03/10/2020 Peñarol Peñarol - Progreso Progreso -:-
03/10/2020 Montevideo Wanderers Montevideo Wanderers - Fénix Fénix -:-
03/10/2020 Cerro Largo Cerro Largo - Cerro Cerro -:-
03/10/2020 Rentistas Rentistas - Defensor Sporting Defensor Sporting -:-
03/10/2020 Deportivo Maldonado Deportivo Maldonado - Danubio Danubio -:-
03/10/2020 Boston River Boston River - Nacional Nacional -:-
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