Argentina's problems with football hooliganism were thrown into the spotlight by the postponement of the historic Copa Libertadores final between Buenos Aires arch rivals River Plate and Boca Juniors....
Uruguayan goalkeeper Lucero Alvarez has become the first player in Colombian football history to be punished for racist abuse, the country's football league said in a statement....
9. Round
14/03/2020 Cúcuta Deportivo Cúcuta Deportivo - Deportivo Cali Deportivo Cali resch.
14/03/2020 Millonarios Millonarios - Once Caldas Once Caldas
14/03/2020 Patriotas FC Patriotas FC - Envigado FC Envigado FC resch.
15/03/2020 Alianza Petrolera Alianza Petrolera - Independiente Medellín Independiente Medellín resch.
15/03/2020 Deportivo Pereira Deportivo Pereira - Santa Fe Santa Fe resch.
15/03/2020 Atlético Nacional Atlético Nacional - Deportes Tolima Deportes Tolima resch.
16/03/2020 América de Cali América de Cali - Atlético Bucaramanga Atlético Bucaramanga resch.
16/03/2020 Atlético Junior Atlético Junior - Rionegro Águilas Doradas Rionegro Águilas Doradas resch.
18/03/2020 Deportivo Pasto Deportivo Pasto - Jaguares de Córdoba Jaguares de Córdoba resch.
18/03/2020 La Equidad La Equidad - Boyacá Chicó Boyacá Chicó resch.
10. Round
22/03/2020 Rionegro Águilas Doradas Rionegro Águilas Doradas - Deportivo Pasto Deportivo Pasto resch.
22/03/2020 Envigado FC Envigado FC - Atlético Junior Atlético Junior resch.
22/03/2020 Atlético Bucaramanga Atlético Bucaramanga - Patriotas FC Patriotas FC resch.
22/03/2020 Deportes Tolima Deportes Tolima - América de Cali América de Cali resch.
22/03/2020 Once Caldas Once Caldas - Atlético Nacional Atlético Nacional resch.
22/03/2020 Santa Fe Santa Fe - Millonarios Millonarios resch.
22/03/2020 Independiente Medellín Independiente Medellín - Deportivo Pereira Deportivo Pereira resch.
22/03/2020 Deportivo Cali Deportivo Cali - Alianza Petrolera Alianza Petrolera resch.
22/03/2020 Boyacá Chicó Boyacá Chicó - Cúcuta Deportivo Cúcuta Deportivo resch.
22/03/2020 Jaguares de Córdoba Jaguares de Córdoba - La Equidad La Equidad resch.