In the shadows of Germany's Bundesliga, football is gradually restarting in countries across Europe, in almost all cases behind closed doors, with the exception of Hungary where supporters have been allowed to return....
Fans returned to Hungarian football stadia at the weekend after a two-month break due to the coronavirus, a first in Europe where other leagues have resumed behind closed doors....
Hungarian fans will be back in the stands of the country's football stadiums from Friday, a first in Europe where other league have resumed behind closed doors....
Hungarian football will return behind closed doors later this month with the semi-finals of the cup, the country's football federation (MLSZ) said on Monday....
Hungary's most popular club Ferencvaros was hit Tuesday with a fine and an order to close part of its stadium after a fan was stabbed in the country's first ever incident of knife violence....
13. Round
04/12/2020 19:00 Budafoki MTE Budafoki MTE - Újpest FC Újpest FC -:-
05/12/2020 13:45 Zalaegerszegi TE Zalaegerszegi TE - Mezõkövesd-Zsóry Mezõkövesd-Zsóry -:-
05/12/2020 16:00 Diósgyöri VTK Diósgyöri VTK - Ferencvárosi TC Ferencvárosi TC -:-
05/12/2020 18:30 Puskás FC Puskás FC - Kisvárda FC Kisvárda FC -:-
06/12/2020 14:15 Budapest Honvéd Budapest Honvéd - MTK Budapest MTK Budapest -:-
06/12/2020 16:30 Paksi SE Paksi SE - Fehérvár FC Fehérvár FC -:-
14. Round
11/12/2020 19:00 Újpest FC Újpest FC - Puskás FC Puskás FC -:-
12/12/2020 13:45 Kisvárda FC Kisvárda FC - Budapest Honvéd Budapest Honvéd -:-
12/12/2020 16:00 Ferencvárosi TC Ferencvárosi TC - Zalaegerszegi TE Zalaegerszegi TE -:-
12/12/2020 18:30 Fehérvár FC Fehérvár FC - Budafoki MTE Budafoki MTE -:-
13/12/2020 13:30 Mezõkövesd-Zsóry Mezõkövesd-Zsóry - Paksi SE Paksi SE -:-
13/12/2020 16:00 MTK Budapest MTK Budapest - Diósgyöri VTK Diósgyöri VTK -:-
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