Hungary's most popular club Ferencvaros was hit Tuesday with a fine and an order to close part of its stadium after a fan was stabbed in the country's first ever incident of knife violence....
Former Norwegian international Henning Berg has been named as coach of Hungarian football club Videoton FC, the club said Thursday....
Hungarian Richard Vernes has joined Central Coast Mariners on a two-year loan deal from Budapest Honved, the A-League club said Thursday....
Everton are set to sign Muhamed Besic from Ferencvaros after the Bosnia midfielder joined the Premier League club on their pre-season visit to Thailand....
Hungarian football legend Gyula Grosics, Olympic champion and goalkeeper of the "Magical Magyars" national team that dominated world football in the early 1950s, died Friday at the age of 88....
1. Round
07/04/2020 Ferencvárosi TC Ferencvárosi TC - Debreceni VSC Debreceni VSC resch.
25. Round
14/03/2020 16:00 Debreceni VSC Debreceni VSC - Zalaegerszegi TE Zalaegerszegi TE
14/03/2020 16:00 Budapest Honvéd Budapest Honvéd - Kisvárda FC Kisvárda FC
14/03/2020 16:00 Újpest FC Újpest FC - Paksi SE Paksi SE
14/03/2020 16:00 Mezõkövesd-Zsóry Mezõkövesd-Zsóry - Puskás FC Puskás FC
14/03/2020 16:00 Ferencvárosi TC Ferencvárosi TC - Kaposvári RFC Kaposvári RFC
14/03/2020 18:30 Fehérvár FC Fehérvár FC - Diósgyöri VTK Diósgyöri VTK
26. Round
21/03/2020 Kaposvári RFC Kaposvári RFC - Zalaegerszegi TE Zalaegerszegi TE resch.
21/03/2020 Paksi SE Paksi SE - Fehérvár FC Fehérvár FC resch.
21/03/2020 Kisvárda FC Kisvárda FC - Újpest FC Újpest FC resch.
21/03/2020 Budapest Honvéd Budapest Honvéd - Debreceni VSC Debreceni VSC resch.
21/03/2020 Puskás FC Puskás FC - Ferencvárosi TC Ferencvárosi TC resch.
21/03/2020 Diósgyöri VTK Diósgyöri VTK - Mezõkövesd-Zsóry Mezõkövesd-Zsóry resch.
28. Round
11/04/2020 Budapest Honvéd Budapest Honvéd - Fehérvár FC Fehérvár FC resch.
11/04/2020 Diósgyöri VTK Diósgyöri VTK - Zalaegerszegi TE Zalaegerszegi TE resch.
11/04/2020 Puskás FC Puskás FC - Kaposvári RFC Kaposvári RFC resch.
11/04/2020 Újpest FC Újpest FC - Debreceni VSC Debreceni VSC resch.
11/04/2020 Paksi SE Paksi SE - Ferencvárosi TC Ferencvárosi TC resch.
11/04/2020 Kisvárda FC Kisvárda FC - Mezõkövesd-Zsóry Mezõkövesd-Zsóry resch.