From Casablanca to Algiers via Tunis, the chants belted out across football stadiums echo young North African fans' frustrations not connected to the highs and lows of the beautiful game....
Two men were indicted in France on Wednesday on suspicion of involvement in match fixing in Algeria's top flight, the judicial authorities announced....
Top Algerian clubs JS Kabylie and MC Alger were both hit with stadium bans and fined on Thursday after an explosive cup tie left more than 100 fans in hospital following violent clashes....
Clashes between rival football fans after a derby in eastern Algeria have left one person dead, the country's football federation said Sunday....
Algerian football clubs have been banned from signing foreign players because of a severe financial crisis caused by a plunge in oil revenues, the national football federation said on Monday....
22. Round
30/07/2021 20:00 CR Bélouizdad CR Bélouizdad - JS Kabylie JS Kabylie -:-
34. Round
27/07/2021 17:45 CS Constantine CS Constantine - Olympique Médéa Olympique Médéa
27/07/2021 17:45 NC Magra NC Magra - USM Alger USM Alger
27/07/2021 17:45 JSM Skikda JSM Skikda - USM Bel Abbes USM Bel Abbes
27/07/2021 17:45 Paradou AC Paradou AC - MC Oran MC Oran
27/07/2021 17:45 CR Bélouizdad CR Bélouizdad - CAB Bou Arreridj CAB Bou Arreridj
27/07/2021 17:45 WA Tlemcen WA Tlemcen - AS Aïn M'lila AS Aïn M'lila
27/07/2021 18:00 RC Rélizane RC Rélizane - NA Hussein Dey NA Hussein Dey
27/07/2021 21:00 JS Kabylie JS Kabylie - MC Alger MC Alger
27/07/2021 21:00 US Biskra US Biskra - JS Saoura JS Saoura
27/07/2021 21:00 ASO Chlef ASO Chlef - ES Sétif ES Sétif
35. Round
31/07/2021 MC Alger MC Alger - CAB Bou Arreridj CAB Bou Arreridj -:-
31/07/2021 NC Magra NC Magra - WA Tlemcen WA Tlemcen -:-
31/07/2021 JS Saoura JS Saoura - CR Bélouizdad CR Bélouizdad -:-
31/07/2021 AS Aïn M'lila AS Aïn M'lila - ASO Chlef ASO Chlef -:-
31/07/2021 Olympique Médéa Olympique Médéa - JS Kabylie JS Kabylie -:-
31/07/2021 USM Alger USM Alger - Paradou AC Paradou AC -:-
31/07/2021 NA Hussein Dey NA Hussein Dey - CS Constantine CS Constantine -:-
31/07/2021 ES Sétif ES Sétif - US Biskra US Biskra -:-
31/07/2021 MC Oran MC Oran - JSM Skikda JSM Skikda -:-
31/07/2021 USM Bel Abbes USM Bel Abbes - RC Rélizane RC Rélizane -:-
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