Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus on Saturday defended the aborted Super League project after the nine other clubs agreed to pay a financial penalty to UEFA for their involvement....
Inter Milan, who ended the record reign of nine consecutive titles of Italian champions Juventus, can start "a new cycle", says star striker Romelu Lukaku in an interview published on Friday....
Barcelona host Atletico Madrid while Real Madrid face Sevilla as La Liga's title race enters the final straight, Bayern Munich can secure a ninth consecutive Bundesliga crown while Ligue 1 leaders Lille should expect no favours from northern rivals and European hopefuls Lens....
Dethroned Juventus host AC Milan on Sunday in a clash of former Serie A title hopefuls now fighting to qualify for the Champions League....
Paulo Fonseca has backed Jose Mourinho to thrive at Roma when the former Tottenham boss replaces him as manager at the end of this season....
35. Round
08/05/2021 14:00 Udinese Calcio Udinese Calcio - Bologna FC Bologna FC
08/05/2021 14:00 Spezia Calcio Spezia Calcio - SSC Napoli SSC Napoli
08/05/2021 17:00 Inter Inter - Sampdoria Sampdoria
08/05/2021 19:45 ACF Fiorentina ACF Fiorentina - Lazio Roma Lazio Roma
09/05/2021 11:30 Genoa CFC Genoa CFC - Sassuolo Calcio Sassuolo Calcio
09/05/2021 14:00 Parma Calcio 1913 Parma Calcio 1913 - Atalanta Atalanta
09/05/2021 14:00 Benevento Calcio Benevento Calcio - Cagliari Calcio Cagliari Calcio
09/05/2021 14:00 Hellas Verona Hellas Verona - Torino FC Torino FC
09/05/2021 17:00 AS Roma AS Roma - FC Crotone FC Crotone
09/05/2021 19:45 Juventus Juventus - AC Milan AC Milan
36. Round
11/05/2021 19:45 SSC Napoli SSC Napoli - Udinese Calcio Udinese Calcio
12/05/2021 17:30 Cagliari Calcio Cagliari Calcio - ACF Fiorentina ACF Fiorentina
12/05/2021 19:45 Atalanta Atalanta - Benevento Calcio Benevento Calcio
12/05/2021 19:45 Bologna FC Bologna FC - Genoa CFC Genoa CFC
12/05/2021 19:45 Sassuolo Calcio Sassuolo Calcio - Juventus Juventus
12/05/2021 19:45 Torino FC Torino FC - AC Milan AC Milan
12/05/2021 19:45 Lazio Roma Lazio Roma - Parma Calcio 1913 Parma Calcio 1913
12/05/2021 19:45 Inter Inter - AS Roma AS Roma
12/05/2021 19:45 Sampdoria Sampdoria - Spezia Calcio Spezia Calcio
13/05/2021 19:45 FC Crotone FC Crotone - Hellas Verona Hellas Verona
37. Round
15/05/2021 14:00 Genoa CFC Genoa CFC - Atalanta Atalanta
15/05/2021 14:00 Spezia Calcio Spezia Calcio - Torino FC Torino FC
15/05/2021 17:00 Juventus Juventus - Inter Inter
15/05/2021 19:45 AS Roma AS Roma - Lazio Roma Lazio Roma
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