Peru's football federation has said it will set up a million-dollar fund to help first and second division clubs counter the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic....
Police arrested Peru's Football Federation chief Edwin Oviedo early Thursday on suspicion of involvement in a "corruption network" involving judges and businessmen, a prosecutor said....
Peru's Supreme Court ruled Thursday to extradite the ex-president of the Peruvian Football Federation to the United States, where he is wanted on charges stemming from the FIFA corruption scandal....
7. Round
14/03/2020 Sport Huancayo Sport Huancayo - Universidad Técnica Universidad Técnica resch.
14/03/2020 Universidad Cesar Vallejo Universidad Cesar Vallejo - FBC Melgar FBC Melgar resch.
14/03/2020 Academia Cantolao Academia Cantolao - Universitario de Deportes Universitario de Deportes
14/03/2020 Universidad San Martín Universidad San Martín - Deportivo Municipal Deportivo Municipal resch.
15/03/2020 Llacuabamba Llacuabamba - Ayacucho FC Ayacucho FC resch.
15/03/2020 Carlos Stein Carlos Stein - Cusco FC Cusco FC resch.
15/03/2020 Sport Boys Sport Boys - Sporting Cristal Sporting Cristal resch.
15/03/2020 Alianza Lima Alianza Lima - Deportivo Binacional Deportivo Binacional resch.
15/03/2020 Cienciano Cienciano - Atlético Grau Atlético Grau resch.
15/03/2020 Alianza Universidad Alianza Universidad - Mannucci Mannucci resch.
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22/03/2020 Mannucci Mannucci - Llacuabamba Llacuabamba resch.
22/03/2020 Ayacucho FC Ayacucho FC - Sport Huancayo Sport Huancayo resch.
22/03/2020 Universidad Técnica Universidad Técnica - Universidad Cesar Vallejo Universidad Cesar Vallejo resch.
22/03/2020 FBC Melgar FBC Melgar - Carlos Stein Carlos Stein resch.
22/03/2020 Cusco FC Cusco FC - Sport Boys Sport Boys resch.
22/03/2020 Sporting Cristal Sporting Cristal - Alianza Lima Alianza Lima resch.
22/03/2020 Deportivo Binacional Deportivo Binacional - Academia Cantolao Academia Cantolao resch.
22/03/2020 Universitario de Deportes Universitario de Deportes - Universidad San Martín Universidad San Martín resch.
22/03/2020 Deportivo Municipal Deportivo Municipal - Cienciano Cienciano resch.
22/03/2020 Atlético Grau Atlético Grau - Alianza Universidad Alianza Universidad resch.