The first official football to be played in western Europe since March took place to little fanfare on Saturday, behind closed doors in the Faroe Islands....
While much of European football remains at a standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Faroese championship will start on 9 May, the Faroese Football Association said on Monday....
07/09/2022 Víkingur Víkingur - HB Tórshavn HB Tórshavn -:-
07/09/2022 07 Vestur 07 Vestur - KÍ Klaksvík KÍ Klaksvík -:-
05/10/2022 HB Tórshavn HB Tórshavn - Víkingur Víkingur -:-
05/10/2022 KÍ Klaksvík KÍ Klaksvík - 07 Vestur 07 Vestur -:-
29/10/2022 N.N.  N.N. - N.N. N.N. -:-