Next year's 48th edition of the Copa America, featuring 10 South American nations and six North American teams, will be held in 14 venues across 10 US states, organizers said on Monday....
Lionel Messi has dedicated Argentina's Copa America triumph over Brazil to his family, his country and also late idol Diego Maradona....
Hundreds of fans gathered in cities across Argentina Sunday to celebrate their team's victorious return from the 2021 Copa America, where they beat Brazil on home turf....
Superstar Lionel Messi won his first trophy with his national team as Angel Di Maria's goal gave Argentina a 1-0 win over hosts Brazil in the Copa America final on Saturday....
Luis Diaz scored a sensational winner with virtually the last kick of the match as Colombia beat Peru 3-2 in Brasilia on Friday to finish third in the Copa America....
Group A
20/06/2024 Argentina Argentina - Canada Canada
21/06/2024 Peru Peru - Chile Chile
25/06/2024 Chile Chile - Argentina Argentina
25/06/2024 Peru Peru - Canada Canada
29/06/2024 Argentina Argentina - Peru Peru
29/06/2024 Canada Canada - Chile Chile
Group B
22/06/2024 Mexico Mexico - Jamaica Jamaica
22/06/2024 Ecuador Ecuador - Venezuela Venezuela
26/06/2024 Venezuela Venezuela - Mexico Mexico
26/06/2024 Ecuador Ecuador - Jamaica Jamaica
30/06/2024 Mexico Mexico - Ecuador Ecuador
30/06/2024 Jamaica Jamaica - Venezuela Venezuela
Group C
23/06/2024 USA USA - Bolivia Bolivia
23/06/2024 Uruguay Uruguay - Panama Panama
27/06/2024 Panama Panama - USA USA
27/06/2024 Uruguay Uruguay - Bolivia Bolivia
01/07/2024 USA USA - Uruguay Uruguay
01/07/2024 Bolivia Bolivia - Panama Panama
Group D
24/06/2024 Brazil Brazil - Costa Rica Costa Rica
24/06/2024 Colombia Colombia - Paraguay Paraguay
28/06/2024 Paraguay Paraguay - Brazil Brazil
28/06/2024 Colombia Colombia - Costa Rica Costa Rica
02/07/2024 Brazil Brazil - Colombia Colombia
02/07/2024 Costa Rica Costa Rica - Paraguay Paraguay
04/07/2024 Sieger Gruppe A Sieger Gruppe A - Zweiter Gruppe B Zweiter Gruppe B
05/07/2024 Sieger Gruppe B Sieger Gruppe B - Zweiter Gruppe A Zweiter Gruppe A
06/07/2024 Sieger Gruppe C Sieger Gruppe C - Zweiter Gruppe D Zweiter Gruppe D
06/07/2024 Sieger Gruppe D Sieger Gruppe D - Zweiter Gruppe C Zweiter Gruppe C