Scottish Professional Football League chief executive Neil Doncaster has pleaded with clubs to work together to get through the coronavirus crisis after reconstruction talks collapsed....
Scottish Football Association vice-president Mike Mulraney said on Sunday he fears the governing body might face the "total disaster" scenario of cancelling the next domestic season due to the coronavirus....
An independent investigation into the way the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) handled a controversial vote among its member clubs over ending the 2019-20 season has found "no evidence of improper behaviour"....
Hamilton chairman Les Gray believes football might not return before October as he defended the decision to end the season in the Scottish lower leagues this week....
The Scottish Professional Football League has released £1.8 million ($2.2 million) to lower-league clubs after the season outside the Premiership was ended due to the coronavirus....
1. Round
30/07/2022 15:00 Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic - Forfar Athletic Forfar Athletic -:-
30/07/2022 15:00 Dumbarton FC Dumbarton FC - Stirling Albion FC Stirling Albion FC -:-
30/07/2022 15:00 Elgin City Elgin City - East Fife FC East Fife FC -:-
30/07/2022 15:00 Stenhousemuir FC Stenhousemuir FC - Albion Rovers Albion Rovers -:-
30/07/2022 15:00 Stranraer FC Stranraer FC - Annan Athletic Annan Athletic -:-
2. Round
06/08/2022 15:00 Albion Rovers Albion Rovers - Dumbarton FC Dumbarton FC -:-
06/08/2022 15:00 Annan Athletic Annan Athletic - Stenhousemuir FC Stenhousemuir FC -:-
06/08/2022 15:00 East Fife FC East Fife FC - Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic -:-
06/08/2022 15:00 Forfar Athletic Forfar Athletic - Stranraer FC Stranraer FC -:-
06/08/2022 15:00 Stirling Albion FC Stirling Albion FC - Elgin City Elgin City -:-