28.08.2015 19:05 h

Pope's favorite football team scoffs at Trump 'buyout'

The vice president of Argentine football club San Lorenzo, whose rabid fans include Pope Francis, scoffed Friday at a report that American presidential hopeful Donald Trump wants to buy the team, saying he would rather get a bid from Donald Duck.

"Poor Donald. I'll take the Duck any day. He's more serious," Tweeted popular TV host and sports businessman Marcelo Tinelli, after the New York Post reported that the Republican candidate and a business partner had sent a statement of interest to San Lorenzo.

The club, one of the most popular in football-mad Argentina, is currently a non-profit organization whose managers are voted in by its members.

The pope is a life-long fan who grew up watching the team's matches at its stadium in Buenos Aires.

Citing unnamed sources, the Post said the bid was the latest move by Trump and Italian real estate tycoon Alessandro Proto to buy a Latin American football club, after Colombian side Atletico Nacional rejected their $100-million offer.

Trump is deeply unpopular with Latino voters in the United States, a key demographic, after unleashing a tirade against Mexican immigrants when he launched his candidacy, saying: "They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists."

Tinelli, a variety show host, is one of Argentina's most popular TV stars. He is also a vice president of the Argentine Football Association.