Barbra Banda defied her parents on the way to becoming the first Zambian woman to play professional football in Europe, then as captain led her country to a maiden Olympics....
After 118 years, Real Madrid will launch a professional women's team on Wednesday by absorbing CD Tacon and launching a fresh Galactico project at the club....
"I'm just doing my bit," says Iragartze Fernandez, the part-time referee turned full-time nurse who has swapped the whistle for a face-mask in the hope of helping Spain combat the deadly coronavirus....
CD Tacon, who are set to become Real Madrid Women next season, were the victims of an astonishing comeback on Sunday as Deportivo La Coruna came from 3-0 down in the 82nd minute to win 4-3....
Top-flight female footballers in Spain have agreed to suspend a playing strike after securing an agreement to reopen negotiations over pay, it was announced on Monday....
1. Round
04/10/2020 Athletic Bilbao Athletic Bilbao - Deportivo de La Coruña Deportivo de La Coruña -:-
04/10/2020 EDF Logroño EDF Logroño - Levante UD Levante UD -:-
04/10/2020 Espanyol Barcelona Espanyol Barcelona - Atlético Madrid Atlético Madrid -:-
04/10/2020 Sporting de Huelva Sporting de Huelva - Valencia CF Valencia CF -:-
04/10/2020 Real Madrid Real Madrid - FC Barcelona FC Barcelona -:-
04/10/2020 Real Sociedad Real Sociedad - Rayo Vallecano Rayo Vallecano -:-
04/10/2020 Santa Teresa CD Santa Teresa CD - Sevilla FC Sevilla FC -:-
04/10/2020 SD Eibar - Real Betis Real Betis -:-
04/10/2020 UDG Tenerife Sur UDG Tenerife Sur - Madrid CFF Madrid CFF -:-
2. Round
11/10/2020 Atlético Madrid Atlético Madrid - UDG Tenerife Sur UDG Tenerife Sur -:-
11/10/2020 Real Betis Real Betis - Santa Teresa CD Santa Teresa CD -:-
11/10/2020 Deportivo de La Coruña Deportivo de La Coruña - Real Sociedad Real Sociedad -:-
11/10/2020 FC Barcelona FC Barcelona - EDF Logroño EDF Logroño -:-
11/10/2020 Sevilla FC Sevilla FC - Athletic Bilbao Athletic Bilbao -:-
11/10/2020 Valencia CF Valencia CF - Real Madrid Real Madrid -:-
11/10/2020 Madrid CFF Madrid CFF - Espanyol Barcelona Espanyol Barcelona -:-
11/10/2020 Rayo Vallecano Rayo Vallecano - Sporting de Huelva Sporting de Huelva -:-
11/10/2020 Levante UD Levante UD - SD Eibar -:-