Kheira Hamraoui on Friday resumed training with the Paris Saint-Germain women's squad adding a long message of thanks and conciliation....
Paris Saint-Germain have named Gerard Precheur as the new coach of their women's team to replace Didier Olle-Nicolle, who was replaced despite being cleared after an investigation into allegations of "inappropriate" behaviour....
Juventus have signed Iceland midfielder Bjork Gunnarsdottir from European champions Lyon, the women's Serie A champions announced on Friday....
Paris Saint-Germain have temporarily suspended the coach of their women's team Didier Olle-Nicolle while they investigate allegations against him of "inappropriate" behaviour, the club said on Tuesday....
Former women's world footballer of the year Ada Hegerberg said Thursday she was returning to the Norway squad after refusing to play for the national team for nearly five years....
10. Round
02/12/2022 17:00 Montpellier HSC Montpellier HSC - FC Fleury 91 FC Fleury 91 1:1 (1:1)
03/12/2022 13:30 EA Guingamp EA Guingamp - ASJ Soyaux ASJ Soyaux 3:1
03/12/2022 13:30 Girondins Bordeaux Girondins Bordeaux - Rodez AF Rodez AF 3:1
03/12/2022 13:30 Olympique Lyon Olympique Lyon - Dijon FCO Dijon FCO 8:0
03/12/2022 13:30 Stade Reims Stade Reims - Havre AC Havre AC 3:1
04/12/2022 12:00 Paris FC Paris FC - Paris Saint-Germain Paris Saint-Germain 0:1
11. Round
09/12/2022 17:00 FC Fleury 91 FC Fleury 91 - Girondins Bordeaux Girondins Bordeaux -:-
10/12/2022 13:30 Dijon FCO Dijon FCO - Stade Reims Stade Reims -:-
10/12/2022 13:30 Rodez AF Rodez AF - EA Guingamp EA Guingamp -:-
10/12/2022 13:30 ASJ Soyaux ASJ Soyaux - Paris FC Paris FC -:-
11/12/2022 11:45 Havre AC Havre AC - Montpellier HSC Montpellier HSC -:-
11/12/2022 20:00 Olympique Lyon Olympique Lyon - Paris Saint-Germain Paris Saint-Germain -:-