French women's football giants Lyon will be declared league champions for the 2019-20 campaign, collecting the title for the 14th consecutive year after the season was ended by the coronavirus pandemic....
Veteran Brazilian international Formiga signed a one-year contract extension with Paris Saint-Germain's women's side on Thursday at the age of 42....
French women's football giants Lyon are still waiting to find out if they have defended their league title, after the country's football federation (FFF) told AFP on Monday a decision regarding the final standings would be made on May 11....
Ada Hegerberg's voice in football is a powerful one given she claimed the first ever women's Ballon d'Or, owns four Champions League titles with Lyon and has earned her place among the finest female players on the planet, all by the age of 24....
Lyon striker Ada Hegerberg, the 2018 women's footballer of the year, will be out for several months after rupturing knee ligaments, the club said Tuesday....
1. Round
05/09/2020 13:30 FC Fleury 91 FC Fleury 91 - Montpellier HSC Montpellier HSC -:-
05/09/2020 13:30 GPSO 92 Issy GPSO 92 Issy - Le Havre AC -:-
05/09/2020 13:30 Olympique Lyon Olympique Lyon - Paris FC Paris FC -:-
05/09/2020 13:30 Paris Saint-Germain Paris Saint-Germain - EA Guingamp EA Guingamp -:-
05/09/2020 13:30 ASJ Soyaux ASJ Soyaux - Dijon FCO Dijon FCO -:-
05/09/2020 13:30 Stade Reims Stade Reims - Girondins Bordeaux Girondins Bordeaux -:-
2. Round
12/09/2020 13:30 Le Havre AC - FC Fleury 91 FC Fleury 91 -:-
12/09/2020 13:30 Dijon FCO Dijon FCO - GPSO 92 Issy GPSO 92 Issy -:-
12/09/2020 13:30 Paris FC Paris FC - ASJ Soyaux ASJ Soyaux -:-
12/09/2020 13:30 Montpellier HSC Montpellier HSC - EA Guingamp EA Guingamp -:-
12/09/2020 13:30 Stade Reims Stade Reims - Olympique Lyon Olympique Lyon -:-
12/09/2020 14:00 Girondins Bordeaux Girondins Bordeaux - Paris Saint-Germain Paris Saint-Germain -:-