Two players at second-division club Troyes became the first French footballers to test positive for the new coronavirus on Friday....
The French football season has been suspended "until further notice" because of the coronavirus outbreak, a source close to the LFP, which runs the elite Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, told AFP on Friday....
All French Ligue 1 and second division matches will be played behind closed doors until April 15, the French football league announced Tuesday....
Four French football stadiums will trial standing areas next season, the sports ministry announced Wednesday in response to requests by certain supporters' groups....
A French second division playoff match between Ajaccio and Le Havre was postponed on Friday after fans of the Corsican club attacked the visitors' team bus....
29. Round
13/03/2020 AS Nancy AS Nancy - AC Ajaccio AC Ajaccio
13/03/2020 EA Guingamp EA Guingamp - Chamois Niortais Chamois Niortais
13/03/2020 Paris FC Paris FC - LB Châteauroux LB Châteauroux
13/03/2020 FC Sochaux FC Sochaux - FC Chambly FC Chambly
13/03/2020 Valenciennes FC Valenciennes FC - SM Caen SM Caen
13/03/2020 Le Mans FC Le Mans FC - ESTAC Troyes ESTAC Troyes
13/03/2020 Rodez AF Rodez AF - Clermont Foot Clermont Foot
13/03/2020 US Orléans US Orléans - Grenoble Foot 38 Grenoble Foot 38
14/03/2020 AJ Auxerre AJ Auxerre - RC Lens RC Lens
16/03/2020 FC Lorient FC Lorient - Le Havre AC Le Havre AC
30. Round
20/03/2020 AC Ajaccio AC Ajaccio - FC Sochaux FC Sochaux
20/03/2020 Le Havre AC Le Havre AC - Valenciennes FC Valenciennes FC
20/03/2020 Clermont Foot Clermont Foot - EA Guingamp EA Guingamp
20/03/2020 FC Chambly FC Chambly - Rodez AF Rodez AF
20/03/2020 Chamois Niortais Chamois Niortais - Le Mans FC Le Mans FC
20/03/2020 Grenoble Foot 38 Grenoble Foot 38 - AJ Auxerre AJ Auxerre
20/03/2020 LB Châteauroux LB Châteauroux - US Orléans US Orléans
20/03/2020 SM Caen SM Caen - Paris FC Paris FC
21/03/2020 ESTAC Troyes ESTAC Troyes - FC Lorient FC Lorient
23/03/2020 RC Lens RC Lens - AS Nancy AS Nancy
31. Round
03/04/2020 AJ Auxerre AJ Auxerre - LB Châteauroux LB Châteauroux
03/04/2020 AS Nancy AS Nancy - Le Havre AC Le Havre AC
03/04/2020 EA Guingamp EA Guingamp - FC Chambly FC Chambly
03/04/2020 FC Lorient FC Lorient - RC Lens RC Lens
03/04/2020 Paris FC Paris FC - Grenoble Foot 38 Grenoble Foot 38
03/04/2020 FC Sochaux FC Sochaux - Chamois Niortais Chamois Niortais
03/04/2020 Valenciennes FC Valenciennes FC - ESTAC Troyes ESTAC Troyes
03/04/2020 Le Mans FC Le Mans FC - Clermont Foot Clermont Foot
03/04/2020 Rodez AF Rodez AF - AC Ajaccio AC Ajaccio
03/04/2020 US Orléans US Orléans - SM Caen SM Caen
32. Round
10/04/2020 AC Ajaccio AC Ajaccio - EA Guingamp EA Guingamp
10/04/2020 Le Havre AC Le Havre AC - FC Sochaux FC Sochaux
10/04/2020 Clermont Foot Clermont Foot - FC Chambly FC Chambly
10/04/2020 ESTAC Troyes ESTAC Troyes - AS Nancy AS Nancy
10/04/2020 Chamois Niortais Chamois Niortais - FC Lorient FC Lorient
10/04/2020 Paris FC Paris FC - US Orléans US Orléans
10/04/2020 Grenoble Foot 38 Grenoble Foot 38 - Le Mans FC Le Mans FC
10/04/2020 LB Châteauroux LB Châteauroux - Valenciennes FC Valenciennes FC
10/04/2020 RC Lens RC Lens - Rodez AF Rodez AF
10/04/2020 SM Caen SM Caen - AJ Auxerre AJ Auxerre
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