Every cloud has a silver lining and the devastating postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics could hand organisers a heaven-sent opportunity to solve their other massive problem: the summer heat....
Australia called Thursday for men's football at the postponed Tokyo Olympics to be changed from an Under-23 tournament to Under-24 so all players who helped their teams qualify can compete....
Olympic chiefs on Tuesday postponed the 2020 Tokyo Games until next year, a historic move to push back the world's biggest sporting event due to the coronavirus pandemic that is upending global society....
US footballer Carli Lloyd planned to call time on a spectacular career after Tokyo 2020 -- but now that plan is on hold....
World football's governing body FIFA on Tuesday welcomed the decision to postpone the 2020 Tokyo Olympics amid efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic....
Group E
21/07/2021 08:30 Great Britain Great Britain - Chile Chile
21/07/2021 11:30 Japan Japan - Canada Canada
24/07/2021 08:30 Chile Chile - Canada Canada
24/07/2021 11:30 Japan Japan - Great Britain Great Britain
Group F
21/07/2021 09:00 China China - Brazil Brazil
21/07/2021 12:00 Zambia Zambia - Netherlands Netherlands
24/07/2021 09:00 China China - Zambia Zambia
24/07/2021 12:00 Netherlands Netherlands - Brazil Brazil
Group G
21/07/2021 09:30 Sweden Sweden - USA USA
21/07/2021 12:30 Australia Australia - New Zealand New Zealand
24/07/2021 09:30 Sweden Sweden - Australia Australia
24/07/2021 12:30 New Zealand New Zealand - USA USA