African football minnows Somalia were eliminated from 2022 World Cup qualifying Tuesday after a dramatic 3-1 loss to Zimbabwe in Harare....
Former World Cup qualifiers Angola and Togo were given difficult first hurdles to clear when the African preliminary draw for the 2022 tournament was made in Cairo Monday....
Eritrea have been accepted back into the Council for East and Central Africa Football Associations (CECAFA), after a six year ban due to tensions with Ethiopia and was handed the right to hold a youth tournament this year, the sub-confederation said on Thursday....
Prolific Egyptian Mohamed Salah scored again and Ivorian teenager Yann Karamoh made a dream first Serie A start in the major European leagues at the weekend....
Nigeria lost their unbeaten World Cup qualifying record on Tuesday as FIFA awarded Algeria a 3-0 win for their final qualifier after the Super Eagles fielded an ineligible player....
Group A
05/06/2021 Algeria Algeria - Djibouti Djibouti resch.
05/06/2021 Niger Niger - Burkina Faso Burkina Faso resch.
11/06/2021 Djibouti Djibouti - Niger Niger resch.
11/06/2021 Burkina Faso Burkina Faso - Algeria Algeria resch.
Group B
05/06/2021 Tunisia Tunisia - Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea resch.
05/06/2021 Mauritania Mauritania - Zambia Zambia resch.
11/06/2021 Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea - Mauritania Mauritania resch.
11/06/2021 Zambia Zambia - Tunisia Tunisia resch.
Group C
05/06/2021 Central Afr. Republic Central Afr. Republic - Cape Verde Cape Verde resch.
05/06/2021 Nigeria Nigeria - Liberia Liberia resch.
11/06/2021 Cape Verde Cape Verde - Nigeria Nigeria resch.
11/06/2021 Liberia Liberia - Central Afr. Republic Central Afr. Republic resch.
Group D
05/06/2021 Mozambique Mozambique - Ivory Coast Ivory Coast resch.
05/06/2021 Cameroon Cameroon - Malawi Malawi resch.
11/06/2021 Ivory Coast Ivory Coast - Cameroon Cameroon resch.
11/06/2021 Malawi Malawi - Mozambique Mozambique resch.
Group E
05/06/2021 Kenya Kenya - Uganda Uganda resch.
05/06/2021 Mali Mali - Rwanda Rwanda resch.
11/06/2021 Rwanda Rwanda - Kenya Kenya resch.
11/06/2021 Uganda Uganda - Mali Mali resch.
Group F
05/06/2021 Egypt Egypt - Angola Angola resch.
05/06/2021 Libya Libya - Gabon Gabon resch.
11/06/2021 Gabon Gabon - Egypt Egypt resch.
11/06/2021 Angola Angola - Libya Libya resch.
Group G
05/06/2021 Ghana Ghana - Ethiopia Ethiopia resch.
05/06/2021 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe - South Africa South Africa resch.
11/06/2021 Ethiopia Ethiopia - Zimbabwe Zimbabwe resch.
11/06/2021 South Africa South Africa - Ghana Ghana resch.
Group H
05/06/2021 Namibia Namibia - Congo Congo resch.
05/06/2021 Senegal Senegal - Togo Togo resch.
11/06/2021 Congo Congo - Senegal Senegal resch.
11/06/2021 Togo Togo - Namibia Namibia resch.
Group I
05/06/2021 Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau - Guinea Guinea resch.
05/06/2021 Morocco Morocco - Sudan Sudan resch.
11/06/2021 Guinea Guinea - Morocco Morocco resch.
11/06/2021 Sudan Sudan - Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau resch.
Group J
05/06/2021 Madagascar Madagascar - Benin Benin resch.
05/06/2021 Congo DR Congo DR - Tanzania Tanzania resch.
11/06/2021 Benin Benin - Congo DR Congo DR resch.
11/06/2021 Tanzania Tanzania - Madagascar Madagascar resch.