The head of the Italian footballers' association (AIC) on Sunday urged football authorities in the country to strike a deal to safeguard lower league players, who risk losing their livelihoods due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic....
34. Round
03/05/2020 FC Aprilia FC Aprilia - Latina Calcio Latina Calcio dnp
03/05/2020 Budoni Budoni - Muravera Muravera dnp
03/05/2020 US Ladispoli US Ladispoli - SEF Torres 1903 SEF Torres 1903 dnp
03/05/2020 Lanusei Calcio Lanusei Calcio - Tor Sapienza Tor Sapienza dnp
03/05/2020 Sassari Latte Dolce Sassari Latte Dolce - Portici 1906 Portici 1906 dnp
03/05/2020 Cassino Calcio 1924 Cassino Calcio 1924 - FC Turris FC Turris dnp
03/05/2020 Ostia Mare Ostia Mare - Città di Anagni Città di Anagni dnp
03/05/2020 ASD Trastevere ASD Trastevere - Team Nuova Florida Team Nuova Florida dnp
03/05/2020 ASD Vis Artena ASD Vis Artena - Arzachena Arzachena dnp