The head of the Italian footballers' association (AIC) on Sunday urged football authorities in the country to strike a deal to safeguard lower league players, who risk losing their livelihoods due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic....
34. Round
03/05/2020 Agropoli Agropoli - Grumentum Val d'Agri Grumentum Val d'Agri dnp
03/05/2020 Team Altamura Team Altamura - US Bitonto US Bitonto dnp
03/05/2020 Città di Fasano Città di Fasano - Brindisi Brindisi dnp
03/05/2020 FC Francavilla FC Francavilla - ACD Nardò ACD Nardò dnp
03/05/2020 Gelbison Gelbison - Sorrento Calcio Sorrento Calcio dnp
03/05/2020 Gladiator Gladiator - Foggia Calcio Foggia Calcio dnp
03/05/2020 FBC Gravina FBC Gravina - Casarano Casarano dnp
03/05/2020 ASG Nocerina ASG Nocerina - Audace Cerignola Audace Cerignola dnp
03/05/2020 Taranto FC Taranto FC - Fidelis Andria Fidelis Andria dnp