The head of the Italian footballers' association (AIC) on Sunday urged football authorities in the country to strike a deal to safeguard lower league players, who risk losing their livelihoods due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic....
34. Round
03/05/2020 AC Bra AC Bra - Calcio Chieri Calcio Chieri dnp
03/05/2020 SC Caronnese SC Caronnese - Ghivizzano Borgo Ghivizzano Borgo dnp
03/05/2020 USD Fezzanese USD Fezzanese - Real Forte Querceta Real Forte Querceta dnp
03/05/2020 Fossano Calcio Fossano Calcio - SC Ligorna 1922 SC Ligorna 1922 dnp
03/05/2020 USD Lavagnese 1919 USD Lavagnese 1919 - Borgosesia Calcio Borgosesia Calcio dnp
03/05/2020 AC Prato AC Prato - Savona FBC Savona FBC dnp
03/05/2020 Seravezza Seravezza - Sanremese Sanremese dnp
03/05/2020 Vado FC Vado FC - Lucchese Lucchese dnp
03/05/2020 Verbania Calcio Verbania Calcio - Casale Casale dnp