05.11.2019 13:03 h

Italian Serie A chief wants 'at least one match' played abroad

Serie A League chief Luigi De Siervo has backed a proposal for "at least one" league match to be played outside of Italy each season, according to reports in Italy on Tuesday.

"Our challenge, which is also that of other European championships, is to conquer new markets. And this is done by going to play games abroad to create a rapprochement with our country and our championship," De Siervo said on the sidelines of a symposium on the economics of sport in Milan.

"Our proposal is that there be at least one game abroad each season," De Siervo was quoted as saying by the Gazzetta dello Sport.

The Italian league CEO, however, acknowledged that "according to the rules in force", such a project was not currently feasible.

"The Spanish League has been trying for the last few years to organise a first league game abroad. We hope it can happen," continued De Siervo.

"This is something that RCS (organisers of the Giro d'Italia cycling) has already done with a prologue abroad, which opens up new markets, presents a product.

"We are waiting for FIFA and then UEFA to set rules."