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Germany Monday, 16. June 2014
17:00 Clock
1 : 0 Goal information ticker Thomas Müller 12. / penalty  (Mario Götze)
2 : 0 Goal information ticker Mats Hummels 32. / header  (Toni Kroos)
3 : 0 Goal information ticker Thomas Müller 45. / left-footed shot  (Toni Kroos)
4 : 0 Goal information ticker Thomas Müller 78. / right-footed shot

Endgame Summary:
Behind a strong first half effort, the result was never in doubt for Germany throughout the game. Löw's team was superior in every facet and completely contained Ronaldo, whose rare shots mainly came from set-pieces and were poorly executed most of the time. The favorite emphasizes its claims with a great showing today and can calmly prepare for the second match. Paulo Bento meanwhile leaves Salvador with a lot of question marks and has to find ways to improve the performance of his Selecção in preparation of the meeting with the US. We hoped you enjoyed the coverage and stay tuned for more matches today!
Ronaldo finally hammers a free-kick onto the goal and forces Neuer to make the save. The keeper dives into the left corner and pushes the ball away.
We are entering two minutes of stoppage time.
German fans celebrate on the stands as the clock is running down.
Podolski is visibly displeased after a body-check by André Almeida at the edge of the box, but Mažić is unimpressed and waves it off.
With this defeat, the next game against a lurking US team already becomes a must-win for Bento's side. Germany will face Ghana next.
Podolski immediately goes to work and tries to delivers the ball to Schürrle with a crossfield pass. It slips through a well-positioned André Almeida, but the German winger is too surprised to get anything out of it.
The matchwinner goes off with big ovations for Podolski, who rounded into form after a difficult year in Arsenal just in time for this World Cup. These are quality substitutes for Löw, who has plethora of options on the bench.
Substitution (in) Germany -> Lukas Podolski
Substitution (out) Germany -> Thomas Müller
Ronaldo shows a rare sloppy touch and looses the ball over the sideline. That's all you need to know about his game today.
Goooal for Germany, 4:0 by Thomas Müller
Instead, Müller goes for the hat-trick and is the new topscorer of this World Cup! Rui Patrício fumbles a dangerous cross from Schürrle from the right and the Bayern star is there to rebound.
Lahm picks up a clearance in midfield and finds Müller on the left, who wants to return the favor and aims for the captain in the box, but can't poke the ball through the defense.
It's a tough decision for Mažić, who hears it from the crowd. Éder wins the race to the ball against Höwedes, but goes down from minimal contact. Nonetheless this could have been a penalty.
Portgual wants a penalty! Nani tries one from distance, Neuer pushes the ball and Éder goes down fighting for the rebound. We await the replay.
Germany has new injury worries as Hummels has to be taken off with a bloody knee after an awkward landing.
Substitution (in) Germany -> Shkodran Mustafi
Substitution (out) Germany -> Mats Hummels
André Schürrle loos motivated since he's come on, but overall his team has taken the foot of the pedal.
Great chance for Germany! Schürrle is leading the charge in transition down the right side for the Germans and crosses it to Götze in the middle. The Munich player initially loses Raúl Meireles with a cut, but sees his shot eventually deflected over the crossbar by the midfielder.
The resulting corner from João Moutinho can't find a teammate, Germany also remains dominant in the air.
Nani sprints down the left side, cuts to the middle and aims for the far post, but Hummels is challenging the shot and deflects it away.
With the outcome decided, we might also see Miroslav Klose, who is one World Cup goal behind the Brazilian Ronaldo and could go for the record.
Ronaldo dispossesses Götze and launches a shot from 30 yard that doesn't find it's way through many defensive legs.
Portugal has to swallow the next blow. Fábio Coentrão might have pulled a muscle and is stretchered away. It looks like he could be done for the tournament.
Substitution (in) Portugal -> André Almeida
Substitution (out) Portugal -> Fábio Coentrão
Well, that was quick. The Chelsea man checks in for an exerted Özil, who fell behind Müller and Götze today.
Substitution (in) Germany -> André Schürrle
Substitution (out) Germany -> Mesut Özil
With his side losing the sense of urgency, Joachim Löw might bring up fresh energy off the bench. André Schürrle and Lukas Podolski would be alternatives on the wings.
The underdog can establish itself in German territory, but the resulting corner is eventually cleared away.
... it is raining boos as Ronaldo sends the free-kick into the wall.
Speaking of the superstar: He wins a free-kick from 30 yards out and will surely take it himself...
Ronaldo is hearing the boos from the German crowd, but it's not like the speedster has had any impact on the game so far.
Özil has space down the right side, but no teammates in the box and has to slow down the play.
It's more or less becoming an exercise game for the three-time champions, who circle the opposing penalty area.
Meanwhile Germany patiently builds up and waits for its opportunities.
Portugal's rough afternoon continues: After a fine delivery from the right side, Éder and Fábio Coentrão collide and the ball bounces over the goal line.
Rui Patrício's saves against Özil! Götze pokes a ball through the middle to the starting Özil, who might have been inches offside, but the Arsenal player can't beat the keeper with a low ball anyway.
Mesut Özil is tryig to find gaps in the Portugal defense on the right side, but can't find a teammate.
It's the underdog that is carefully pushing forward in the early stages of this half, but not much noise in front of Neuer.
Portugal serves one from the left side, but Hummels intercepts the cross and clears it away.
It's a quiet start to the second half, in which the German side might lack motivation due to the evident outcome.
Paulo Bento starts the second half with the delayed replacement of sent-off centre back Pepe.
Substitution (in) Portugal -> Ricardo Costa
Substitution (out) Portugal -> Miguel Veloso
Second Half begins
Halftime Summary:
It's already game over in Salvador as the German side proved to be too much for Portugal. Ronaldo is nowhere to be seen, the underdog can rarely get out in transition and reveals too many holes in their back four. Götze, Müller and Özil could repeatedly break through and cause trouble for the outmatched opponent. It will be interesting where Portugal can go form here after an absolute nightmare half. Stay tuned!
Goooal for Germany, 3:0 by Thomas Müller
Germany is coasting! Müller wins out against Bruno Alves in the box, blocks the clearance of the centre back, picks up the loose ball and sends it into the back of the net. Rui Patrício gets a hand on the ball but can't keep it out.
There are two minutes of added time.
The fans in the stands are also getting more confident vocally as Götze is blocked by Alves at the edge of the box.
It sure doesn't get easier for Portugal, who now has to overcome the deficit with a man down.
Germany has a free-kick at the scene of the crime and the ball is gathered comfortably by Rui Patrício after it got a high deflection off the wall.
Pepe (Portugal) is sent off
The Madrid man has the reputation of being a badboy and overreacts here. He brings down Müller with an arm to the face and while that was probably inadvertently, the following headbutt and verbal aggressions towards the sitting German are not.
On the receiving end of the resulting delivery is Éder, who's header is high.
Suddenly Coentrao, who looks offside, picks up the ball in the box after a great serve by Moutinho, but he should have been looking for his own shot in front of Neuer. Instead he squares the ball in search of Ronaldo and only gets a corner out of it.
What a poor touch form Nani! He gets out in transition on the right side and has support in Ronaldo, but delivers the ball to a German defender.
Löw's group is on full control now and doesn't seem to slow down. This is by far the most convincing showing from any of the favorites in the tournament so far.
Goooal for Germany, 2:0 by Mats Hummels
The ensueing corner doubles the lead for the Germans! Mats Hummels wins the header at the six yard box and hammers the ball past Rui Patrício, who can't react fast enough from close range.
Götze has to make it two! Mesut Özil tracks down a long ball on the right side, finds the teammate in the middle, but the shot is deflected and misses just wide.
Götze cleverly wins a free-kick on the left side and the delivery by Kroos is headed away by Ronaldo.
Germany's dominance has cooled off bit, but they still comfortably contain the opposing midfield.
Number nine indeed has to be substituted and the more physical Éder takes over up front.
Substitution (in) Portugal -> Éder
Substitution (out) Portugal -> Hugo Almeida
Hugo Almeida is on trouble and needs medical attention. There might be an early change for Paulo Bento.
The Portuguese defense still looks vulnerable but right now the favorite can't squeeze a ball behind centre backs Pepe and Bruno Alves.
Good try by Nani! The United man finds himself against Höwedes at the edge of the box and aims for the left upper corner and the right-footed effort sails just over the crossbar.
Portugal is carefully approaching German territory but once the back four is set, there is not much danger from Bento's group.
Pep Guardiola called him the smartest players he has ever seen and Lahm justifies it by showing of his brilliant challenges as he tackles João Pereira from behind and wins the ball for Germany.
Germany is cleverly working the flanks where both Götze and Müller have way too much room to operate.
The resulting counterattack is ruled out by Mažić, because Nani allegedly fouled Lahm while dispossessing the captain. Big whistle by the Serbian because Ronaldo was all alone on the left side and probably would have had clear sight of the goal.
Two wonderful one-twos nearly brings Khedira into position at the edge of the box, but the defense intercepts.
But for now, Germany remains dominant in midfield and doesn't surrender much possession to the opposing side.
If the Portuguese wanted to get out in transition, their tactic could and should change, because that's probably not how you dig yourself out of a hole.
Almeida is on the receiving end of a cross from the right side, but is inches offside as he lays the ball off to Ronaldo.
German fans in the stands now hold the vocal majority. Meanwhile Sami Khedira tries to track down a deep ball on the right side, but can't gather it properly.
That's quite a start for the favorites and it's not undeserving because they invested more into their offense so far.
Goooal for Germany, 1:0 by Thomas Müller
The Bayern forward buries the ball into the left corner and leaves Rui Patrício without chance.
João Pereira (Portugal) is shown a yellow card
That's a good amount of luck for the right back because he was the last defender and it could easily have been a send-off.
Penalty to Germany! Mario Götze blasts by the defense into the penalty area and is clearly held by Pereira.
What is Rui Patrício thinking? The Portgual keeper sends a clearance directly to Sami Khedira, who misses the empty goal by inches and can't capitalize off this major mistake!
Germany controls the game, but Portugal looks more and more comfortable on the break. Again it's Ronaldo who tests Neuer from a tight angle, but the goalkeeper of the year denies him.
But now Portugal is showing their pace for the first time, Cristiano breaks down the left side and brings Almeida into play in the middle. The forward is challenged by Höwedes and the deflected shot sails safely into Neuer's arms.
Germany wastes no time getting on offense in the early stages. Portugal hasn't even been in the opposing half so far.
A wonderful crossfield pass finds Götze in the left penalty area, but he is met by Pepe and the centre back prevails.
The first corner for Germany doesn't create any danger.
The favorite starts off with crisp passing and Götze wins the header in the middle following a Boateng cross, but can't quite get enough contact on the ball.
As expected, Germany controlls possession early on and taps the ball around midfield.
Germany is immediately searching for Thomas Müller with an aerial pass, but it's out of reach for the forward and Rui Patrício clears it away.
The match between the No2 and No4 of the FIFA rankings is underway! Both teams are sporting their traditional colors: Germany white and Portugal bordeaux.
Teams are coming out led by Serbian international Milorad Mažić, who will whistle his first World Cup match.
We can probably expect a ball-dominant German midfield while underdogs Portugal could focus on their transitional play. The clashes between the tow sides have always been interesting and we don't expect anything less today.
As deep as the German roster is, they have a certain lack of quality full backs and start four true centre backs in their defensive line. Boateng will have the difficult task of containing Ronaldo, but has already mastered this task during their opener in 2012. Skipper Philipp Lahm slides to the midfield next to Sami Khedira and playmaker Toni Kroos, so it will sure be interesting how that decision is going to shake out.
The full lineups can be found here.
On the other side the German midfield is on par with Spain when it comes to creativity and ball-handling, but will start without Schweinsteiger, who still lacks fitness after a minor injury. As a team with only one true striker in veteran Miroslav Klose, Löw chose Müller as false nine. The Arsenal man is flanked by Mesut Özil and Mario Götze, who takes over for his unlucky former teammate Marco Reus. The Dortmund player injured himself in the last test before the World Cup, a blowout win against Armenia.
Concerns hang over both camps as many players were questionable or still rounding into form after injuries or a subpar season. Recurring and various problems threatened to keep FIFA player of the year and Champions League winner Ronaldo out of the encounter, but coach Paulo Bento can count on him tonight. The Portugese squad is highlighted by the Madrid trio of Pepe, Fábio Coentrão and their superstar, who is helped up front by Manchester's Nani and Hugo Almeida within a 4-3-3.
The rivals share a rich competitive history and have faced off regularly in recent memory. Germany had the upper hand in the duel lately, they dispatched the rival on their way to the third place of the World Cup 2006, advanced through Portugal 2008 in the European Championship quarter final and also won the group stage opener in the Ukraine 2012.
Last but not least the Germans start their World Cup title bid and after Brazil and Argentina won unconvincingly and Spain got smashed by the Netherlands, it's intriguing how the last of the big four favorites will fare tonight. On their way of starting the tournament in style, both teams not only will have to deal with the opposition, but also with the hot conditions. Although there has been some light rain throughout the day at the venue, the temperature will present a challenge.
Janosch Ferda is commentating the match. Enjoy!
Welcome to the first of today's matches as Germany and Portugal kick off group G in the heat of Salvador de Bahia in about an hour.