UEFA has given up on holding its under-19 championships in Northern Ireland and cancelled the tournament, which had already been postponed several times....
England manager Roy Hodgson revealed Thursday that Manchester City midfielder Fabian Delph is set to miss Euro 2016 after suffering a groin injury....
Europe's football governing body on Monday decided to test the use of a fourth substitute during international tournaments starting this year....
Group A
18/06/2022 16:30 Slovakia Slovakia - France France
18/06/2022 19:00 Italy Italy - Romania Romania
21/06/2022 16:30 Slovakia Slovakia - Italy Italy
21/06/2022 19:00 Romania Romania - France France
Group B
19/06/2022 16:30 Qualifikant Qualifikant - Israel Israel
19/06/2022 19:00 England England - Austria Austria
22/06/2022 16:30 Israel Israel - Austria Austria
22/06/2022 19:00 England England - Qualifikant Qualifikant